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"Promote comradeship among veterans"

Elected Officials 


Commander: Tom Rumore
Sr. Vice Commander: Jack Hirsch 
Jr. Vice Commander: Charles Wohlgemuth
Quartermaster: Pending
Surgeon: Salvatore Di Maria
Post Guard: Mark Washburn
Auxiliary President: Alfreda Chotkowski 


We as former soldiers are dedicated to helping all veterans of foreign wars. We work tirelessly to help veterans with day-to-day activities and make full use of their benefits provided by the GI Bills.  We raise money to help veterans have health care, and access to medical supplies like wheelchairs and canes. This extends to holding fundraisers where flowers and pins are sold.This organization is also working to educate the community about veterans as well as the importance of the armed forces in our society. 

For more information on the VFW and our mission please visit:

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